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Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy usually involves weekly 50 minute sessions. Therapy can be helpful for addressing a wide variety of issues, including normative life challenges, career questions and identity development. It can also help in coping with various types of distress, including depression, anxiety, difficulties in relationships, and trauma.  The clinic offers a wide range of evidence based therapy approaches, including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, experiential, and emotion-focused therapies. The type and length of treatment is decided in the context of therapist-client dialogue, in order to offer the most effective therapy for the client's purposes. Therapy is given by clinical psychology interns, under the supervision of senior clinical psychologists. 

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Family and Couple Therapy

Couple therapy usually involves weekly 50 minute sessions. It is for couples dealing with conflicts, distance, or dissatisfaction in their relationship. Common problems include: disagreement regarding parenting, infidelity, disagreement regarding money issues, problems with sexual issues, and issues with extended family members (such as parents-in-law). Couple therapy offered in the clinic relies on evidence based approaches, including emotion-focused couple therapy, and is provided by clinical psychology interns, under the supervision of senior clinical psychologists. 


Family Therapy usually involves weekly 50 minute sessions and is intended for family's in which the children are adults (aged 18 and above). This type of therapy can be effective for young adults who are struggling to feel accepted by their parents, or are trying to feel closer to their parents, and for parents wanting to feel closer to their adult children. Therapy is provided by clinical psychology interns, under the supervision of senior clinical psychologists with expertise in family therapy. The therapy approaches used are cutting-edge and evidence based, such as attachment based family therapy, and relationship focused therapy. 

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Psychological Assessment

The clinic offers a wide range of psychological assessments, including intelligence and personality assessment, as well as focused testing for specific issues such as attention deficits, learning disabilities, etc. Each assessment session lasts approximately 2 hours, and between 1-5 sessions are needed in order to complete the assessment process (depending on the diagnostic question in hand). Assessments are conducted by clinical psychology interns, who are thoroughly trained and supervised in the most current and reliable assessment measures available. 

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